About us

Dantaah is a super specialized dental as well as hair clinic where specialists from every branch of dentistry come under one roof and provide Specialized care to the patient.

Since its inception the aim of doctors here is to make available latest and best treatments at affordable prices to the patients delivering the highest standard of care.

The most strict hygiene norms are followed in the clinic. As each person is unique with their own requirements, a personalized consultation with the doctor is the ideal way to know what treatment options will work the best for you. 

Why Choose Us?

Doctors: Our team is specially trained in each and every type of treatment.

Materials: All of our materials are the finest available and imported from Germany, Sweden, UK and the        USA

Sterilization: Very high degree of Sterilization is maintained at Dantaah. Even Dental Chair is made of Self sterilising Besafe Technology.

Technology: Dantaah is modern well updated dental setup having latest technology and equipments.